About Us

The Shark Wine Glass™ was first conceived in 2015 while diving in the Cayman Islands. Sitting at a beach bar after a day of diving with a nurse shark named Fin, I held my wine glass up to a shark on the wall and said, "Wouldn't it be amazing if there was a shark in this glass?" Finally coming full circle with many different designs and revisions, using Starburst candies to ensure the bottom of the dorsal fin would equate to a six ounce pour, along with the United States (USPTO) and world (WIPO) patents, copyrights and trademarks, you can now enjoy your own handcrafted beautiful The Shark Wine Glass™. Adventure awaits with every sip! What initially appears to be an ordinary wine glass becomes more dangerous as a fin suddenly appears, followed by a torso. Then, the menacing jaw! Fortunately for the drinker, this shark is docile – although mighty thirsty! He prefers red seas of wine, but enjoys blush and white seas as well. The sparkling, handcrafted, lead-free crystal allows The Shark Wine Glass™ to withstand multiple attacks from the drinker. Handle with care, or the shark may bite!